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Greenlight Review: A Great Tool To Help Raise Financially Literate Kids

If you are looking for a platform that allows you to have an efficient system when it comes to giving allowances to your kids, at the same time, helps teach them the value of money, then you got to keep reading this Greenlight review.

Greenlight Review: A Great Tool To Help Raise Financially Literate Kids

Being consistent in giving allowances could sometimes get a little challenging especially for busy parents. More so, to include teaching them how to properly handle their finances.

But that is part of our responsibilities as parents. Financial management, after all, must be first taught at home.

The earlier we teach our kids how to manage their finances wisely, the better. It will surely help keep them away from financial troubles in the future. It’s preparing them to be responsible individuals d as early as now.

Unfortunately, though, a survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of the American Psychological Association (APA) revealed that the majority of Americans (64%) says that money is a somewhat or very significant source of stress especially for parents whose children are aged 18 years old and below.

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Furthermore, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) test, which measures the financial knowledge and skills that are needed to make the jump from high school to college and on into the workforce revealed that one in five American teens fail to meet the level to be considered as financially literate.

To be honest, these numbers need improvement. Young American people need to be educated to handle their finances well. After all, this will help them in facing the realities of life as they grow older.

Parents have definitely a lot of work to do, but, as we’ve said, the results will be very helpful in the long run – not just for your kids, but for the community as well.

Teaching financial literacy these days is a lot easier – actually. There are so many platforms available out there that parents can use to help teach their children how to handle their money well.

Thanks to the advent of technology, there are platforms like Greenlight that parents can use to raise financially literate individuals.

Speaking of Greenlight, in the next few sections, we are going to do an in-depth review about this financial platform that was specifically created to help parents teach their children about the value of money. It is an app that helps parents automate allowance-paying with a prepaid debit card for kids.

In particular, this Greenlight review will focus on providing essential information about this financial app by answering the following commonly asked questions:

  • What is Greenlight?
  • Who is Greenlight best for?
  • What does Greenlight offer?
  • How does Greenlight work?
  • Are there fees involved?
  • How to open an account with Greenlight?
  • Is Greenlight safe?
  • What are the upsides of Greenlight?
  • What are the downsides of Greenlight?


Greenlight is an app founded in 2017 with a mission to “help parents raise financially smart kids.”

With the app, parents can automate seamlessly allowance-paying with a prepaid card for kids.

By using Greenlight, parents become the bank. You get to control funding the prepaid cards of your kids, which they can use anywhere and for any purchases.

Through the app and the prepaid debit cards, your kids get to feel what it’s like in the real world. They get to experience managing their money with your guidance.

Greenlight allows parents to automate, at the same time, oversee their kids’ spending with security features built-in.

The app allows parents to set up “accounts” for up to five kids. All of this can be controlled using the app.

Furthermore, parents can opt to divide their kids’ allowance into Saving, Spending, and Giving categories by percentages.

Similar to banks, parents can also set up interest in the savings category so your children earn rewards for saving their money.

For more information about the Greenlight and what to expect from it, check the video below by Neat Apple Tech:

If your kids do have phones, they can access their “account” by downloading the app. There they get to see how much money they have per category, their spending history, as well as their approved list of stores.

Sure, Greenlight seems to be a very good tool to teach kids how to manage their finances, but all these services come with a monthly fee of $4.99 a month.

All Greenlight accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which means each depositor will receive up to $250,000 in case of a bank failure.


Greenlight is ideal for parents who want to teach their kids how to be responsible in handling money.

It is a great app for kids as well who want to learn how to handle their finances at an early age.

Greenlight should appeal to parents who want to take advantage of automating the allowance-paying feature. This helps parents be consistent in proving their kids their weekly or monthly allowances.

For parents, Greenlight is good for you if you want to still have control over your kids’ accounts as the app allows you to see your children’s spending as well as their balances. Additionally, the app allows you to choose the stores where your kids can use the money.

Also, since Greenlight comes with a monthly fee, this should be a good option for families with extra money to pay for the fees.

Greenlight is an all-digital financial platform, which means it does not have a physical branch location like a typical bank. So, it should appeal the most to parents who are okay with the all-digital setup.


As mentioned, Greenlight is an app that comes with prepaid debit cards. It helps kids become responsible for handling their finances.

Major Features

By using Greenlight, you get to enjoy the following major features:

  • Parental Controls
  • Incentivizing Chores
  • Earn Interest
  • Money Requests
  • Up to 5 Kids Per Account

Parental Controls

Greenlight app allows parents to split the money into two categories. First is using one pot for money your kid can spend anytime and anywhere. The other would be the one with multiple parental controls.

If you opt to put money under the parental control spot, you will be notified whenever your child makes a purchase, as well as when payment was declined, or when their account balance is running low.

Incentivizing Chores

The app allows parents to incentivize chores with payouts. Using the app, you can create chores and then pay for one-off and recurring chores.

Furthermore, parents can set recurring payments if they want to.

Earn Interest

Similar to how banks work, parents can also set an annual percentage yield (APY) to encourage their kids to save.

Your preferred interest is paid out to your kid’s account on a monthly basis.

Money Requests

With the Greenlight app, kids can also request money through the app when their balances are running low. This is very helpful especially when your kids are away from home and they get into a money emergency.

Once you agree to send money, the amount will appear in real-time to your kids’ wallet.

Up to 5 Kids per Account

Greenlight lets you open an account for up to five. Additionally, you can customize your children’s cards by adding their photographs to it. This, however, costs $9.99.

Additional Features

Apart from the above-mentioned, Greenlight also offers the following features:

  • Custom Spending Limits
  • Activity Notifications
  • Educational Saving Tool
  • Customized Alerts

Custom Spending Limits

What’s nice about Greenlight is that it allows parents to have full control over the stores that their kids can purchase items from.

Parents can whitelist or blacklist websites and stores in just a few clicks. By blacklisting a store, all attempted transactions will be automatically declined.

Activity Notifications

To keep parents informed about their kids’ spending activities, Greenlight allows you to turn on notifications so you are informed every time your kid spends his to her money.

Additionally, parents can also set up the accounts in a way that they have to approve every transaction that their kid makes.

Customized Alerts

Greenlight allows parents to create their own alerts. This way, they are notified every time their kid uses their Greenlight card in making transactions.

Parents may also op to custom alerts when a balance reaches a certain amount or when the card is declined. This feature helps teach your kids not to overspend.


Now that you already know what the app is all about and what it has to offer, on this part of our Greenlight review we are going to look into how it actually works.

First of all, you need to download the app to your mobile phone to be able to start using Greenlight.

You will then have to link your existing bank account and set up your Parent Wallet.

Greenlight will ask you to provide personal information such as your name, address, and Social Security number, as well as your date of birth.

Setting Up Parent Wallet

The Parent Wallet is where you will find your current balance. It also allows you to set up AutoFunding.

Additionally, the Parent Wallet records your funding history so you know how much you’ve given to each of your kids every week (or month).

Using a debit card or a bank account, transfer a starter amount of money to your Greenlight Parent Wallet. The app will then pull the Parent Wallet to distribute weekly allowances to your kids’ accounts.

Transferring money from your bank to the Greenlight app is free. It is important to know, though, that it takes a day or two to process the transaction.

You may also opt to set up an AutoFunding option to have Greenlight fund a certain amount into your wallet.

Setting Up Weekly Allowance

Setting up a weekly allowance is easy. You can set up an automatic allowance amount per week, and you get to decide what percentages of allowance got to a particular category, which includes Save, Spend, and Give.

Kids Version of the App

If your children have mobile phones, they may as well download the Greenlight app. However, the interface is different from yours.

Your kids will see their weekly allowance and balances in the Saving, Spending, and Giving categories. Your kids will also see where they can spend their money. That way they know what specific stores to buy from.


As already mentioned in earlier sections, using the Greenlight app comes with a fee.

Greenlight costs $4.99 per month, which is automatically taken out of your Parent Wallet.

The monthly fee covers up to five kids, which makes it worth it for bigger families. If you have five kids, for instance, that means you spend $1 a month per child.

Meanwhile, if you want your child’s photographs to be placed on the card that costs $9.99.

Apart from these, the app does not charge anything else. Transferring money from your bank to the app does not cost a fee.


Opening a Greenlight account is quick and easy.

To start a Greenlight account, all you have to do is following the following steps:

First, download the app to your mobile phone.

Second, link your existing bank account, and set up your Parent Wallet. You will need to provide some personal information to finish this process.

Greenlight requires you to provide your name, address, and Social Security number, as well as your date of birth.


The safety of your account and personal information is important to Greenlight.

Greenlight uses state-of-the-art SSL encryption to ensure your data are safe. The app’s partners comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard when processing and storing sensitive information.

Meanwhile, Greenlight debit cards have an EMV chip, and PINs can be controlled by parents. Additionally, cashback is unavailable to prevent unmonitored spending from happening. Rest assured that unsafe spending is prevented by Greenlight’s automated blocked categories.

As mentioned, all accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which means each depositor will receive up to $250,000 in case of a bank failure.


This Greenlight review will not be complete without providing you with a summary list of the pros and cons of using the app.

For this section, we are providing you with the upsides of Greenlight, which include the following:

  • Automated Allowance-Paying Process – This helps parents a lot to be consistent in giving allowances to their kids.
  • Customized Features – Greenlight offers customized features so parents can take control of their kids’ spending and saving habits, which will definitely help them learn to handle their finances responsibly.
  • Parental Control – Greenlights allows parents to take full control of their kids’ money by choosing how much goes to Save, Spend, and Give categories, as well the stores where they can purchase items from.
  • Multiple Accounts – Parents can set up accounts for as many as five children.
  • Debit Cards – The account comes with a debit card, one per kid. Unlike cash, this makes it easier for children to keep track of their spending, as well as their balances.
  • Customizable Debit Cards – For the amount of $9.99, parents may opt to put their kids’ photographs on their respective cards to make them more personalized.
  • Security Features – Greenlight has put essential security features in place to ensure all accounts are safe.
  • Reasonable Monthly Fee – For the price of $4.99 per month, families can enjoy all the perks that Greenlight has to offer. In fact, the monthly fee becomes super worth it if you have five children in the family that you want to enroll in. That means spending $1 per month per child only.
  • FDIC Insured – All accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which means each depositor will receive up to $250,000 in case of a bank failure.


In this section, we listed down some of the major downsides of the Greenlight app. This includes the following:

  • Card Replacement Fee – Although replacement of card is free for the first time, you will need to pay a cost once it happens again.
  • Monthly Fee – Although the amount is fair enough, the monthly fee may seem a lot for some parents whose budgets are tight.
  • Allowances Are Not Withheld Automatically – Unfortunately, the app does not automatically withhold allowances in case your kid fails to complete a chore. Parents need to do it manually by turning the allowance off.
  • Entirely Online – Greenlight is a mobile application and is entirely online. So, if you want in-person access to your account that is not available. You may have to look for something else.


Greenlight is a great tool to help parents teach kids the value of money. It provides a lot of great features that are helpful to both parents and kids.

There is a lot of things to love about this app. But of course, like anything else, it does have its share of downsides as well. One of them is the monthly fee of $4.99.

However, if you look at what it has to offer, and how it will help parents raise financially literate children, then, it should be worth it.

So, are you considering downloading Greenlight now?

This Greenlight review, brought us to conclude that overall, Greenlight is a great app to help parents raise children who know how to handle money well.

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FamZoo Review: One Of The Best Financial Tools For Kids

If you are looking for a financial tool that will help teach your kids about financial responsibility, then this FamZoo review is for you.

FamZoo Review: One Of The Best Financial Tools For Kids

Money matters is not a very easy thing to discuss at home especially with kids. But, it is essential so younger generations learn how to properly handle their finances in the long run.

As parents, it is your responsibility to teach your kids how to handle money wisely. Teaching them young is the most ideal thing to do as it will absolutely affect how they handle their finances in the long run.

The earlier they learn about financial management, the better.

We understand how challenging the task can be. Thus, we are not quite surprised that in the 2017 T. Rowe Price Survey, it was found that kids are actually not learning about financial literacy at home.

In fact, 69% of parents are reluctant about discussing financial matters with their children. Out of all the respondents, only 23% of them, indicated that they often talk to their parents about money matters while 35% stated that their parents are not comfortable about discussing financial stuff at home.

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Meanwhile, according to research conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, 40.2% of young people with low levels of financial literacy rely on their parents, friends, as well as acquaintances when it comes to gaining financial knowledge, while 20.8% are financially literate.

So, you see, whether you like it or not, as a parent you have to work on teaching your kids financial literacy.

Here’s the thing, unlike before, today, thanks to the advent of technology, there are actually a lot of available tools online that you can use to teach your children financial management.

One of the many platforms to choose from is FamZoo, a prepaid card that specially designed to teach kids the fundamental principles of good money management.

In the next few sections, you will learn more about the FamZoo as we specifically answer some of the most important questions about this tool, which include:

  • What is FamZoo?
  • Who is FamZoo best for?
  • What does FamZoo offer?
  • How does FamZoo work?
  • Are there fees involved?
  • How to open an account with FamZoo?
  • Is FamZoo safe?
  • What are the upsides of FamZoo?
  • What are the downsides of FamZoo?


FamZoo is a prepaid card company that was founded in 2006 by Bill Dwight. It is an online virtual family bank that can be used, obviously, by parents and children.

It specifically focuses on helping teach kids the fundamental principles of good financial management.

By using FamZoo, your kids will learn how to earn, save, as well as spend money sensibly.

What’s nice about FamZoo is that it was specifically made with children in mind.

In fact, Dwight initially created it to help his own children understand the importance of handling money wisely.

With FamZoo, parents and children can track spending and save through its website or its mobile app. Meanwhile, families can use IOU accounts to track spending.

FamZoo comes with a prepaid debit card that does not charge overdraft fees. It also does not drain the children’s parents’ actual checking account by accident. If you have lots of children, each of them gets to have their own IOU as well as debit card accounts.

Know more about FamZoo and what makes it work for young people based on a user’s perspective in the video below by Marble Jar Channel:


FamZoo should appeal to parents who want to teach their children how to manage their money wisely. In the same way, it is best for children who want to learn financial literacy as early as now.

FamZoo is open to any family. All you need is to open one account per family. One parent will be the primary account holder, and they will be the ones responsible for transferring money to their kids’ debit cards as well as IOU accounts.

Children, as well as teens who earn an allowance or have a side job, may benefit the most from FamZoo as they may already have a basic concept of saving and spending money.

Although FamZoo primarily appeals to younger people, some families even use IOU accounts as well as debit cards for their college-aged kids.

Again, if you are a parent who finds teaching your kids financial management very challenging, FamZoo may just make your life so much easier.

Also, it is important to know that FamZoo is available for children who are 13 years old and above. For children below 13 years, FamZoo allows parents to get “on behalf of” debit cards.

For children below 13 years old, FamZoo expects that a parent is present when the child is making a purchase.


FamZoo offers two products — the Prepaid Card Accounts and the IOU Accounts.

Prepaid Card Accounts

As mentioned, FamZoo offers a prepaid card that is ideal for children from preschool up to college.

It is a financial product that is made to be supervised and managed by parents or guardians.

Unlike other prepaid cards in the market, what makes FamZoo unique is that it offers a way to set up and divert money to different accounts for categories such as saving, investing, spending, and giving.

FamZoo debit card offers a few more perks, including:

  • No overdraft fees
  • No hidden fees
  • Free card loading options
  • Support major digital wallets, which include Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay

With FamZoo, parents get to retain control of the card as well as the account all the time. More so, they can set up special accounts for monthly allowances or for certain payment chores.

Unlike a typical prepaid card or debit card, a FamZoo card can be ordered online without a credit check.

The Prepaid Card Accounts come with a monthly fee, which varies between $2.50 and $5.99 per month depending on your preferred subscription.

Here’s the price breakdown per subscription:

  • $5.99 per family when you pay each month
  • $4.33 per family when you pay $25.99 in advance for six months
  • $3.33 per family when you pay $39.99 in advance for 12 months
  • $2.50 per family when you pay $59.99 in advance for 24 months

IOU Accounts

With IOU Accounts, parents get to track funds they are holding elsewhere for their kids. While FamZoo still keeps track of them, parents handle the transaction of cash and inform FamZoo about it.

The fees are similar to the Prepaid Card Account. However, instead of one month, you get the first two months for free.

For your reference, here are the four different IOU budget plans to choose from:

  • Starter Plan– This allows young children to track occasional deposits and purchases.
  • Simple Allowance/Chore Plan– Parents may opt to pay for chores or a regular allowance, which makes it easier to track their child’s earning.
  • Spend-Save-Give Plan- This plan emphasizes splitting income between saving, spending, as well as giving accounts.
  • Teen Budget Plan– This plan allows division of income between different budget percentages for the present as well as for future expenses.


To be honest, FamZoo is like a serious play.

You are probably wondering why. Well, it’s because using it turns parents into bankers for their kids.

You get to use FamZoo by buying a subscription. In the subscription, each family gets a primary card, which is controlled by the parents, as well as additional cards. The number of cards depends on how many your children are.

The primary card is like the bank. It is the one that is responsible for funding the children’s cards. Meanwhile, the primary card is funded by a different bank account owned by one of the parents.

Your children’s cards can also be funded by another bank account, which makes it ideal if your kids are planning to do a part-time or a summer job.

Like a typical debit card, each of FamZoo cards does have its own routing and account number, which means you can use it to set up direct deposits or bank transfers.

It is also important to know that your children are not limited to having just one debit card. In fact, your kid or each of your kids can have several cards. It’s like having several piggy banks for different spending goals.

To make it easier for the cardholder to identify which one is for a specific spending goal, the cardholder can use the custom label embossed beneath the cardholder’s name.

As mentioned in the previous section, FamZoo does not require a credit check, which means regardless of your credit standing, you can open one for your family.

With FamZoo, both parents and children get to view their account activity on a shared dashboard.

This platform can also be used by parents to set allowances as well as give rewards to their kids for doing certain duties.

Parents can also withhold money so their children can save cash for a rainy day or give it to a charity of their choice.

Furthermore, FamZoo also enables parents to add interest to savings as well as create penalties for certain behaviors. They may also offer loans like what banks do.

With IOU accounts, parents will have the ability to track funds they are holding on their children’s behalf. IOU accounts provide information on how much money is owed to your kids. Similarly, parents may also set up IOUs for cash owed by their kids. Expense sharing may also be set up with IOUs.

Another thing is that, with the cards, children can spend money at the same time, record where it was spent. This allows parents to see exactly what their kids are spending their money on.

FamZoo is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile apps. If case mobile apps are not your cup of tea, you may opt to access your account via the company website.

Additionally, you may also opt to text or email commands to FamZoo if you are unable or not in the mood to use the mobile app.

For text commands, all you need to do is send a text message to 41411 using this format: “famzoo [quick-command]”. You will then immediately receive a reply. You may opt to check the quick command reference guide on the FamZoo website to know every single command that is available. Text commands come in both short and long versions.


Just like in a typical bank, it is important to look into the costs involved.

FamZoo does not charge overdraft fees as well and does not have hidden fees.

However, it does have a per-family subscription fee.

The subscription fee costs $5.99 per month. But this can be reduced to $4.33 per month if paid every six months, $3.33 per month for payments done annually, as well as $2.50 per month if you pay a one-time payment for 24 months. The latter choice is definitely the best deal available.

Also, FamZoo offers a free trial so you get to check first if the platform works for you or not before you start subscribing to it. Also, FamZoo allows you to switch plans at any time. All you need to do is contact FamZoo.

Additionally, FamZoo charges a one-time shipping fee after the fourth card, which costs an additional $2 for each card.

For your reference, here’s a list of fees you should be aware of:

  • Overdraft Fee – $0
  • Reload fees – $0 for direct deposit, digital wallets, and FamZoo card transfers. Up to $6 for bank account transfers and retail stores.
  • Inactivity Fees – $0
  • In-network MoneyPass ATM withdrawals – $0
  • Out-of-network ATM withdrawals – Varies (However, FamZoo doesn’t charge an extra fee.)
  • Foreign transaction fee – 3%


In the previous sections of our FamZoo review, we talked about the most important details you need to know about this platform.

This time, let’s talk about how to actually open a FamZoo account.

To sign up, all you need to do is visit the FamZoo website and click the “Sign Up Now” button. You will then be asked to choose between Prepaid Card Accounts and IOU Accounts.

As mentioned, while both charges the same, Prepaid Accounts offer a one-month free trial only, while IOU accounts offer two months free trial.

To start your subscription, you will need to provide some personal information including your name, email, phone number, as well as your preferred password.

The whole process is quick and simple. You can finish it in just a few minutes.


Your personal data and account safety is important. Thus, in this part of our FamZoo review, we are going to see how secure this financial platform is.

For those with Prepaid Card Accounts, it is important to know that you can lock them at any point if they are either lost or stolen.

In addition, parents can also lock the cards if they worry about their kid’s spending habits.

As mentioned, children aged 12 and below cannot have their own cards. However, it is possible for them to use cards under their parents’ names.

All funds under Prepaid Card Accounts are stored in financial accounts that are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). With prepaid card accounts, all information is stored with TransCard.

Meanwhile, for IOU accounts, there really is not money at risk when you opt for this.

So, is FamZoo safe? Definitely, it is.


We are almost done with our FamZoo review. But first, here are some of the advantages of using FamZoo:

  • Teaches Kids The Value Of Money – FamZoo is specifically designed to teach kids how to efficiently handle finances. So, if you are a parent who finds it hard to instill financial literacy by simply talking to your kids, this is the best way to do it instead.
  • Intuitive User Experience – Both the online and mobile platforms are easy to use.
  • Service Can Be Customized – FamZoo can be tailored based on your specific needs and requirements to help your kids better appreciate financial values and expectations.
  • Parental Controls – Although your kids get to access the account, parents still have control. In fact, parents can lock their children’s cards if they find it necessary.
  • Digital Access – FamZoo is available both online and mobile.
  • Low Fees – Although there is a subscription fee, generally, it still is low as compared to other financial platforms available in the market.


To complete our review on FamZoo, here are some of the downsides of this financial platform:

  • No Free Plan – Unfortunately, FamZoo does not offer a free plan. The cost of the monthly subscription may be an added cost for families with a meager income.
  • Manually Input Transactions for Non-FamZoo Debit Card Purchases – To manually input transactions for non-FamZoo debit card purchases can be quite a daunting task.
  • Prepaid Cards are Available in the US Only – The FamZoo financial platform is only available for those living in the US. Outsiders can only avail of IOU accounts.


FamZoo is a financial platform that is specifically designed to help teach kids how to handle their money efficiently. It’s a great tool parents can use to instill in their children the right knowledge on financial management.

Given all the information we provided, do you consider using FamZoo?

With this FamZoo review, we hope you are able to gauge between the pros and cons and decide if this platform is ideal for you and your family.

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Brigit Review: Knowing And Understanding How It Works

Emergency situations are inevitable. Thus, we sometimes find ourselves in need of help — financially. Thus, this Brigit review will help you know more and understand fully how this platform can help you get through when a need arises.

Brigit review what you need to know

While some of us live in a luxurious life, others (well, mostly) live on a paycheck to paycheck basis. So, when unexpected situations arise, these people are left finding help. This is when loan platforms like Brigit become really helpful.

Back in the days, there’s a traditional payday loan, which helps people get through financially tough situations, rather, immediate financial needs. Today, thanks to technology and the internet, financial apps came to life.

This basically refers to financial institutions offering loans to those who need it ASAP online. In just one click, you can immediately borrow money.


While different sectors take advantage of this new platform in borrowing money especially during emergencies, studies have shown that most users are from the younger generation — particularly the millennials.

In fact, in an article published by Forbes, it says that the young generation of today (popularly known as millennials) are so into anything digital that even in terms of handling finances or when they are in need of money, they ran into their smartphones looking for solutions. No wonder why mobile financial apps like Brigit became popular among the younger generation.

Anyway, so what is Brigit? How different it is from other financial apps out there? What makes it popular? What do we get from it?

This Brigit review hopes to answer all these questions you have in mind. Also, hoping that after this, you will get enlightened on whether or not Brigit is the right one for you.

Anyway, in particular, we are going to share information answering some of the most commonly asked questions like:

  • What is Brigit?
  • How does it work?
  • How much does Brigit cost?
  • How do you qualify for Brigit?
  • What are the loan products that Brigit offer?
  • What other services does Brigit offer?
  • How is Brigit’s customer support?
  • Is Brigit safe?
  • What are the pros and cons of using Brigit?


Brigit is one of the popularly known financial wellness apps that help tide you over until your next payday. Yes, to put it simply, it is a loan app, a mobile device platform that gives you access to a source of credit to help you out in times of need.

Unlike other financial or loan apps, Brigit is relatively new in the business having founded only in 2017. However, it does work all over the United States.

The popularity of the app is not surprising given the fact that the team behind it consists of financial industry experts. This includes experts from leading companies like Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Two Sigma, Amazon, as well as Expedia to name a few.

As they say, the team’s purpose for creating the platform was to “empower every day, responsible people to gain financial stability.” Furthermore, the team says they created a “simple, transparent and fair alternative” for financial relief. This is to help address the weaknesses in the traditional banking model.

Let it be clear though that Brigit is not a payday loan company. It charges no interest on the money it “spots” on you.

Think Brigit as a safety net. It is something that can help end costly overdrafts, at the same time, helps keep your bank account balance positive.

If you want to know more about Brigit, here’s a very insightful review by Common Cents Mike about this very interesting financial platform. To watch the video, just click the play button below:


As part of our Brigit review, we are going to look into how it works, of course. This gives you an idea or a glimpse of how it performs in totality.

Brigit is totally different from the usual payday loan. It is, instead, more comparable to lines of credit. However, unlike a line of credit that charges interest, this one aims to help you avoid fees as well as costly APRs.

Signing up with Brigit is very easy, simple, and absolutely FREE.

Once you have signed up for any services provided by the app, you can access a maximum of $250. Although Brigit does not charge you for borrowing fees or interest rates, you are subject to pay for a monthly membership fee that costs $9.99.

Upon signing up for Brigit, you are entitled to connect one bank account to the app. The app will then scan your transactions to check your recent income, as well as your expense history.

For instance, you apply for a cash advance, Brigit will take you through a quick approval process. Yes, we used the word quick as it only takes about 90 seconds for the whole thing to get done. Once you’re approved, you can request money right there and then.

It is important to take note that requests for funds that were submitted before 11 in the morning (Eastern Time) on a business day will be credited to your account by 11:59 in the evening (local time) on the very same day. Meanwhile, fund requests that were made after 11 in the morning (Eastern Time) will be credited on the next business day.

For a verified debit card, this may qualify for Express Delivery, which means funds will be credited to the account within 20 minutes. This feature is still rolling out though so this may not be accessible right away.

As mentioned earlier, you can get as much as $250. The exact amount you will receive will depend on your needs, as well as your ability to repay without falling into what they call a vicious debt cycle. Ideally, you repay the debt once you have received your next paycheck.

Now here’s the thing, what if something happens and you are unable to pay Brigit right away?

The answer is simple, should you have additional unforeseen expenses, and you are unable to pay off at the scheduled time, Brigit offers free payment extensions within the app.

Truly amazing, right? More so, this gives users a little more flexibility with their repayment choices.

What more to like about Brigit is that once you are able to pay them back, you can request for more money when you need it. But of course, Brigit will continue working, constantly analyzing your account. Should the app predicts that you are running out of money way before your payday, you can set up your account immediately so the platform gets to send you a deposit immediately.

You see, it’s like something that gives you peace of mind especially at times when you feel like you are already running out of cash.


To be brutally honest, Brigit is ideal for military families as it requires its borrowers a U.S.-based bank account, as well as a regular income.

What we find amicable with Brigit is that the company does not care about how terrible or excellent your credit is. It is not taken into account. No matter what your credit score is, you do not have to worry about it as Brigit will surely take you into consideration still.

Anyway, to be clear, Brigit loan sets a significant number of qualifications for potential users, which include the following:

  • Monthly income that is over the required amount from a single income source ($1,500 monthly)
  • At least 3 recurring paycheck direct deposits from the same employer
  • A checking account that has sufficient activity (at least 60 days)
  • A minimum average end of day balance in your account on payday
  • Have funds left in your bank account roughly up to two days after your payday
  • Your checking account should be in a bank that Brigit supports (some of which we mentioned earlier – note that Brigit Loan works with more than 6,000 banks as well as credit unions)

Furthermore, you must also qualify on the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old or older
  • Must be a resident of the United States
  • Must have an Android or Apple device and be able to download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store

In addition, for your information, when signing up for the service, you will be asked to provide the following personal information:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • State of residence
  • Bank account information
  • Paychecks from your employer


Our Brigit review will not be complete without us talking about costs. It’s one of the most important things that one should know anyway before dealing with any financial company.

Anyway, as mentioned earlier, Brigit does not charge any interest rate.

However, it does have a reasonably small monthly account fee amounting to $9.99. Apart from that, you will not pay anything else. Rest assured there are no hidden charges as well.

If you come to think about it, $9.99 for a monthly fee is nothing compared to paying off interest rates that can get really dragging sometimes. Needless to say, it costs a headache for some.

Don’t worry, Brigit is not as clingy as you thought. In fact, you can turn the service on and off as needed. While you are given the choice to sign up for Brigit’s premium service, it’s not a prerequisite. You can definitely download the free app in the meantime, and eventually upgrade to their paid service should you need to tap into an advance on your paycheck.


As mentioned earlier Brigit offers an alternative to the usual payday loan. Unlike the traditional payday loan, this mobile app makes money more accessible in just a click of a finger.

What makes it even more engaging is the fact that it does not charge any interest rates. The only amount you need to put out there is the monthly membership fee amounting to $9.99, which is very reasonable and well, cheap as compared to your monthly Netflix subscription!


Unfortunately, apart from the service we mentioned, Brigit does not offer any other services. It is safe to say that they are merely focused on providing credit to help you when it feels like you are about to overdraw your account.


Given its relatively new status, it does not surprise us that the platform still lacks a review page on Better Business Bureau or Trustpilot. However, should you look into Google Play as well as App Store, you will find excellent reviews about the app. It’s actually a 4.8 out of 5-star for iPhone users, while Android users give the app a 4.2 out of 5 stars.

One thing we noticed though is that some of the reviews have complained about delays in getting responses to their concerns from Brigit’s customer support team.

Although the platform has a support team that is available 24/7, the problem is that they can only be reached through email, which we thought is the reason for the delay, and is totally understandable.

Again, the platform is new, and it has still so much room for improvement. Who knows, in the coming days or months, customer support via Live Chat and phone may be made available already. We will see.


Just like any financial app, Brigit is very particular when it comes to the safety of their clients/customers’ personal information.

The platform uses a 256-bit SSL encryption system. This enables the platform to keep all user information as well as sensitive banking data secure.

Contrary to other lending platforms, Brigit does not require your SSN during sign up.

In addition to these reliable security features, Brigit’s privacy policy is clear when it comes to the information it collects from customers/clients, as well as to how they use the data, and if it may share information.

Meanwhile, if you feel like you no longer need the platform, Brigit also explains the information they will delete, as well as the information that they will retain.


To complete our Brigit review, we are sharing with you the pros and cons we’ve seen on Brigit. This will help you gauge the efficiency of the app, and also if it does will work for you.


  • It offers a cheaper funding option compared to traditional payday loans as well as bank overdrafts.
  • It is easily accessible on all mobile platforms.
  • It does not charge anything else apart from the monthly subscription fee.
  • Brigit ensures you are notified 24 hours before your due date. This ensures you do not miss your obligation.
  • It is very convenient as it automatically deducts from your account.
  • It provides quick access to loaned money without having to worry about credit checks.
  • It provides flexibility on how you can use your borrowed money.
  • It has clear and straightforward fees, with no hidden fees down the line.
  • It provides you the ability to push back your payment due date instead of facing late penalty charges.
  • Its algorithmic overdraft predictions help reduce unnecessary bank charges.
  • It does not require you to provide your social security number as most online financial platforms do.


  • It comes with a monthly subscription fee amounting to $9.99 — regardless if you do or do not use funds for a particular month.
  • There’s the possibility to wait for a few days before you get to use your borrowed funds.
  • It provides a low monthly loan limit (which we totally understand though given the fact that it does not charge anything apart from the monthly subscription fee).
  • It only provides customer support via email.
  • You are not allowed to sign up using a joint account.
  • Not everyone qualifies to borrow money as it needs proof that you have had bank account open for a while and that it regularly has cash in it specifically on paydays.


Overall, we have to say that the Brigit app provides a practical alternative to the usual payday loan out there, as well as other short-term loan options in the market. Unlike these kinds of loans, Brigit does not charge any interest rates or late payment charges. What it does require is a monthly subscription fee, which, if you come to think about it is lower as compared to bank overdraft fees.

We like the fact that Brigit gas an automated system that alerts you when you may require an overdraft already, allowing you to access the platform’s credit facility. Also, we like the fact that it gives multiple loan extensions to push your due date especially when you are faced with financial challenges. Needless to say, they do this yet not charge you for late payment fees.

The only downside is that the monthly subscription fee has to be paid on a monthly basis (obviously) whether you use Brigit’s service or not, which means, unless you will use it regularly, better not sign up for Brigit. Another thing is that you need to connect the app to your bank account.

But other than these two things, we got to say that Brigit is a good financial platform especially when you need money for unexpected expenses.

So, given everything that we’ve shared with you, how do you find Brigit? Do you think it’s the financial platform that you are looking for?

To end this Brigit review, we got to say that Brigit is a good platform. It’s easy, it’s simple, and it’s reasonable. While for some the monthly subscription fee may be too much, at the end of the day, it will all depend on the user. If he or she uses it regularly, that person will get more than what he or she expects to get.